Yet another day comes around
She’s told she must she wants she feels
Getting by barely managing
Pushed around, misunderstood
She fears people loving her,
because she’s scared she can’t live up
To the norm to the right
To the way she should

But then it’s time to get away from everything that’s real
She has reasons to believe in everything she sees on screen
Tired of the way that people make her feel
She goes on learning things ain’t what they seem
But Walt makes her believe

Years are passing by
she tried, she’s in, she’s out, she’s done
Pardon her French, but it’s messed up
Because she can’t all on her own
If we should stop helping her
If the means came to an end
But she trusts, and she must, she will go, she’ll grow

She loves the art of make believe
She dreams to be on stage
She loves to sing the songs of hope and go to her safe place
But through the day she won’t be an act she won’t play nice

She’s falling down, getting up,
Her beauty came with a price